I wanted to bring to your attention the revised schedule for office closures in connection with the Republic Day Parade, Beating Retreat Ceremony, and At Home Function for the year 2024, as per the recent directives from the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT).

  1. Full Dress Rehearsal on 23.01.2024:
    • Government offices at Annexure-A will be closed at 1830 hours on 22.01.2024.
    • Closure will continue until 1300 hours on 23.01.2024 for anti-sabotage checks.
  2. Republic Day Parade on 25.01.2024:
    • Government offices at Annexure-A will be closed from 1300 hours onward on 25.01.2024.
    • Normal operations will resume at 1300 hours on 26.01.2024.
  3. At Home Function on 26.01.2024:
    • Buildings at Annexure-B will be sealed for the ‘At Home Function’ on 26.01.2024.
    • Closure will be in effect until 1930 hrs on the same date.
  4. Anti-Sabotage Check on 29.01.2024:
    • Buildings at Annexure-C will be closed at 1200 noon on 29.01.2024 for thorough anti-sabotage checks.
    • Normal operations will resume at 1930 hours on the same date.
  5. Beating Retreat Ceremony on 28.01.2024:
    • Buildings at Annexure-D will remain closed on 28.01.2024 from 1600 hours to 1930 hours for a special show of the Beating Retreat Ceremony.
  6. Original Order is given below

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